Chimney Sweep Mallorca.Our mission is justified by the necessity to prevent the release of hazardous gases and avert fires caused by creosote and soot. Creosote accumulates within the chimney as a byproduct of combustion and is highly toxic and flammable.

This cleaning will help create a safer operation of your system during the heating system. It take only a small accumulation of creosote glazing to create the potential for a chimney fire.

Creosote is a highly flammable substance that builds up inside your chimney or liner as a result of burning wood. The rate of accumulation can be higher if you practice poor burning practices or have a burning appliance or stove that is not working well. Different types of wood create different amounts of creosote when burned. Pine causes a rapid build-up of creosote and should be avoided as a regular source of wood. Creosote can also reduce the draw of the fireplace and reduce efficiency.

Periodic maintenance of your chimneys and combustion appliances will:

  • Reduce risks of fire

  • Improve functioning of your appliances

  • Add to their useful life

  • Respect the environment